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Pentacon Today
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Pentacon Dresden after 1990

1990 The finalization of the liquidation of "Pentacon Dresden GmbH" 
1991 establishment of " Jos. Schneider Feinwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG" 
1992 "PRAKTICA BX20s" - continuing the trade mark "PRAKTICA" introduced by "Jos. Schneider Feinwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG" 
1992 introduction of a new mirror-reflex-camera for 24 x 18 mm (making 72 pictures from one film) and design of video finders as supplementation of the PRAKTICA - SRK - range
1993 The beginning of the development of output devices for the pre print processes. 
1993 development of camera systems with free programmable data exposure on films
1994 introduction of the first PRAKTICA-black/white-scanner and development of a digital data back for the BX20s camera  
1996 "PRAKTICA Color Scan" introduced- the beginning of a new generation of scanner cameras and the digital printing plate exposure on laser base - both shown at Photokina 
1998 Renaming of "Jos. Schneider Feinwerktechnik Dresden" as "PENTACON GmbH Foto- und Feinwerktechnik" 
1998 further development of the digital printing plate exposure system, the PENTACON CtP for Speedmaster-size, and the introduction of the scan 2000 at Photokina
1998 The start of distribution the whole range of "EXAKTA" -products  
1999 The supply of the 35.000th camera BX20s.
1999 Dr. Richard Koo produces a film about PRAKTICA - cameras for Japanese television
1999 Additions to the Scan 2000 system, with models: 
- with adapters for most know cameras
- with M 39 lenses for repro
- with bellow and M 39 mount
2000 Finalization of research with the IKTS institute in Dresden and the production of the first ceramic injection mould for up to 1.000 pieces
2000 delivery of the first measuring test systems  with computer aided image processing
2001 last SLR-series "Praktica BX20S last series" were built
2001 start of the production of the new scanner generation called "Scan 3000" on the base of a Fire - Wire interface 

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