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Gold Medals
Zeiss Ikon AG VEB Pentacon Kombinat Pentacon Pentacon Dresden company name Gold Medals Liquidation Pentacon Today Richard Hummel Herbert Blumtritt


Cameras from Pentacon Dresden which were honored with Gold Medal of the Leipzig fair: 

Year Product
1964 EXA IIb
1965 Penti II
1965 Praktica mat
1966 PENTACONsix
1967 Praktica nova I
1968 Praktica super TL
1969 Praktica LLC
1970 Praktica L
1970 Exakta RTL 1000
1973 Praktica LTL
1974 Praktica VLC
1977 Praktica EE 2
1980 Praktica B 200
1988 Praktica BX 20


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