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Liquidation of VEB Pentacon Dresden Betrieb des Kombinates VEB Carl Zeiss Jena

In dependence of the political changes in the late eighties in the GDR and the reunification of FRG and GDR called "Wende" multiple GDR-"Kombinate" lost there markets.

In the result of the fusion of the east German markets with the markets of the former West Germany induces an explosion of the costs of production and development for the former socialist companies.

Although the hope for a commercial convalescence are palpable and a concept of redevelopment of Pentacon Dresden were created the Pentacon Dresden GmbH were liquidated by the "Treuhandanstalt" as the first affiliated group of the former GDR.

The liquidation takes place on the October 2, 1990 one day in front of the reunification day of Germany and on the opening day of the "photokina '90" in Cologne. 

press release of the quiescence of Pentacon Dresden GmbH

In 1989 290.000 cameras were produced; 225.000 cameras were sold at the markets which correlate with a quota of 10% on the SLR-world market. Following the liquidation of Pentacon 5700 employees lost their jobs.

Number of employees of Pentacon (Dresden factories):

June 30, 1990 5436
December 31, 1990 4112
June 30, 1991 3331
July 01, 1991 232
March 31, 1992 99
June 30,1992 66

On November 23, 1990 Heinrich Mandermann (owner of Beroflex, Schneider Optische Werke Bad Kreuznach, Exakta and Rollei) signed a letter of Intent. The production were initiated with 150 to 200 employees under the name "Jos. Schneider Feinwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG". The production of the BX 20s - the last model of the old Pentacon - were produced.

In 1997 300.000 cameras were produced were sold - the most of them, the non-SLR  Prakticas were produced in South Korea.

In 1998 the old name were erased during the execution of judgement. The company "Pentacon GmbH, Foto- und Feinwerktechnik Dresden" was established. CEO is Heinrich Mandermann.  Only 112 employees were employed.

In 2000 the production of the BX 20s were stopped, the last series of SLR-cameras were released in June 2001.



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