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Praktica nova-models
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Praktica nova
Praktica nova "no name"
Praktica nova
Praktica nova B
Praktica mat
Praktica mat (smooth)
Hanimex Praktica mat
Praktica nova 1st modification
Praktica nova "no name"
Praktica nova mr
Praktica nova B 1st variation
Praktica nova B 1st variation black
Praktica nova B 1st variation
Praktica nova B mr
Pentaflex SL
Porst reflex FX 3

Praktica nova-models

Production period: December 1964 to January 1969

Number of Models: 8, including 1 prototype

Number of produced items: 263,811 

responsible constructor: Herbert Welzel

Starting point of this model-line was the fact, that the fixed eye-level view finder was widely accepted by the market but the form and also the assembly method for these camera was not up-to-date for a extensive serial production. On this basis a construction was made which leads to a new camera with an quick-release lever at the the top cover.

The prototype "Praktica VI" was developed as the basic type of an new camera generation. It was planned to continue the numeration of the camera using roman numerals, but for the market the name add-on "nova" was made to indicate this new developed camera generation.

Further changes caused by testing the new camera leads to the final name "Praktica nova". The nova were presented at the Leipzig Spring Fair in 1965. The Praktica nova was the basic model for a staggered model-line. Simultaneous the Praktica nova B, a camera with integrated but uncoupled exposure meter, was introduce at the market.
During this time the TTL-exposure metering was developed by different manufactures including Pentacon. On the basis of the tests from Gerhard Jehmlich a new camera type were produced who was able to use the TTL-principle for estimating an exact exposure. At the Leipzig Autumn Fair in 1965 the "Praktica mat" were introduced in the market as the first Pentacon model with TTL-metering.

During the spring of 1966 some slightly variations of the Praktica nova and nova B were realised. The coaxial flash sockets were relocated an the carrying strap lug  were changed.

With the introduction of the Pentaflex SL in the spring of 1967 were a simplified camera model presented, special designed for the newcomers in the field of SLR-photography. These camera were also produced under the name "Porst reflex FX 3" for Porst, Nürnberg (West Germany).

With more than 260,000 cameras the first step to an economical serial production was made, but the output was to small, particulary for the domestic market. The next Praktica-line were developed.


Hummel-No camera-name
149 Praktica VI (prototype)
150 Praktica nova
151 Praktica nova B
152 Praktica mat
153 Praktica nova - 1st variation
154 Praktica nova B - 1st variation
155 Pentaflex SL
156 Porst reflex FX 3




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