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Praktica FX 2/3-derivates
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Praktica Modell III
Praktica FX 2
Praktica FX 2 cut model
Praktica FX 2 modified
Porst reflex FX2
Praktica FX 2, 1st variation
Praktica FX 2, 1st variation, no name
Praktica FX 3
Praktica F.X 2
Praktica F.X 2 service version
Praktica F.X 2 service version
Praktica FX 2.
Praktica F.X 3
Praktica F.X 3 blue
Praktica FX 3.

Praktica FX 2/3 derivates

Production period: August 1955 to June 1959

Number of Models: 7 

Number of produced items: 136,408

responsible constructor: Siegfried Böhm

The FX 2/3 derivates demonstrates a new coverage type of the waist-level view finder as well as the establishment of the internal aperture release for lenses with automatic diaphragm operation or manually tensioned automatic diaphragm. 

The basic model were denoted as "Praktica". In the manuals the camera were designated as "Modell III" or "FX 2". Because of a declination of this name the first variation receive the name "Praktica FX 2". The FX 2 were presented at the Leipzig'er Spring Fair in 1956.

At this time the production for the company Porst, from Nürnberg, started with under the designation "Porst reflex FX2".

The further development of the FX 2/3-line leads to the internal aperture release for lenses with automatic diaphragm operation or manually tensioned automatic diaphragm. Also the F-contact were reintegrated as a second coaxial flash socket in this model which were presented at the Leipzig'er Autumn Fair in 1956 (FX2, 1st variation).

For export of this models the cameras were renamed to "Praktica FX3".

In 1958 the last modification of this camera line were induced by a modification of the Flashbulbs which were released by the F-synchronisation. Hitherto this time were adjusted to 10 milliseconds before start of exposure. Hence this point were relocated to 10 milliseconds before complete shutter release.

All cameras with this modification were designated as "Praktica F.X 2", and rare as "Praktica FX 2.".

For export version of the camera the were named analogous as "Praktica F.X 3.


Hummel-No camera-name
132 Praktica ("Model III")
133 Praktica FX 2
134 Porst reflex FX 2
135 Praktica FX 2 - 1st variation
136 Praktica FX 3
137 Praktica F.X 2
138 Praktica F.X 3




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