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Praktica BX post GDR
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Praktica BX 20S
Praktica BX 20S green
Praktica BX 20S black/green
Praktica BX 20D
Praktica BXED-system 1st
Praktica BXED-system 2nd
Praktica BXEDH
Praktica BX20H
Praktica BX 20s last series
Praktica BX 20S new young generation
Praktica RX1

Praktica BX-cameras - post GDR - Praktica SLR

Production period: January 1991 to July 2001

Number of Models: 8 ? 

Number of produced items: 33,319

responsible constructor: ?


Hummel-No camera-name produced items
239* Praktica BX 20S (black) 33,319***
240* Praktica BX 20S Schneider approx. 20
241* Praktica BX 20S green approx. 280
242* Praktica ( BX 20S) green without any type label approx. 20
243* Praktica BX 20S black/green approx. 155
244* Praktica BX 20D 453***
245* Praktica BX 20s-ED U-V **
Praktica BXEDH
approx. 150
246* Praktica BX 20S "letzte Serie" 100

* self assigned, number not assigned by Hummel

** special system for police/customs (identity service) - consists of 2 BX 20S (vertical & horizontal) + automatic controller

***see Grunewald 2002



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