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Pentacon Super
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Pentacon Super Prototype
Pentacon Super

Pentacon Super SLR

Production period: October 1968 to January 1972

Number of Models: 2, including 1 prototyp 

Number of produced items: 4,579

responsible constructor: Horst Strehle

The end of the production of Praktina IIA induced a intensive discussion under professional users about high end cameras from Pentacon. A comparable camera were not produced.

In 1963 began the development of a new system camera, which had a screw mount M42x1. These camera may be continue the Praktina series. The prototyp has the working name "Praktina N".

The finally developed camera has the name "Pentacon Super". The camera were presented at the Leipzig'er Autumn Fair in 1966. All lenses has the opportunity of light measurement with open aperture using the TTL-technique which was incorporated in the pentaprism.

Pentacon Super features:

bulletinterchangeable viewfinder elements
bulletpentaprism with integration of the TTL-technique
bulletinterchangeable field lenses
bulletin the viewfinder visible:
bulletexposure meter (meter index and needle)
bulletshutter speed
bulletshutter tensioning indicator
bulletmetal-blade focal plane shutter using shutter speeds between 1s and 1/2000s and long term shutter release for 2s to 10s
bulletself timer using long term shutter release
bulletshutter release at the front of the camera
bulletX-, F- and FP-flash synchronization with coaxial socket
bullethigh speed film transport lever
bulletmotor winder connector
bulletauto-zeroing frame counter
bulletrewind knob with incorporated fold-out crank
bulletinterchangeable camera back
bullet17m cassette camera back

The camera was very expensive (approx. 3000,-M - a secretary has a monthly salary of approx. 300,-M) but on the other hand the best system camera which was available worldwide.

The camera were used by Wladimir Shatalow on board of Sojus 4 into the space.

During the late sixties the demand to this camera drop down which results in the stop of production of the Pentacon Super. All efforts were focussed on the development and production of typical consumer cameras for amateurs.


Hummel-No camera-name
118 Praktina N (Prototyp)
119 Pentacon Super




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