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Praktica L - 4th generation
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Praktica Super TL1000
Praktica super TL 500
Praktica MTL 5
Praktica MTL 5 Pentacon Italia
Praktica Super TL1000 1st variation
Praktica "noname"
Praktica MTL3
Praktica PM3
Praktica NOVA II
Praktica TL3
Praktica MTL5
Revue ML
Praktica MTL 5B
Praktica MTL NOVA B
Praktica TL 5B
Revue ML 1st variation
Praktica DTL 5
Praktica MTL 50

Praktica L - fourth generation

Production period: February 1980 to Dezember 1989

Number of Models: 11 

Number of produced items: 1,794,728

responsible constructor: Rolf Noack

The fourth generation guide a shadowy existence under the predominance of the new Praktica B-models. Although, the stop of the production of M42x1 screw mount cameras was planned, the production must be continued to supply the demand of the domestic and international markets.

In these context the cheap lines which using the stopped-down metering were further developed whereas no further production was continued for the models which using the metering with open aperture (PLC 3, VLC 3, EE 3).

The following changes were realized:
bulletnew field lens with triple rangefinder wedge, truncated microprism screen, groundglass field
bulletsmooth, unruffled leatherette with stampings

Together with other finish-versions 11 models were developed.. Peculiarly, approximately 1,8 million cameras of this generation were produced, plainly the proof of the success of this screw mount camera generation.

The last screw mount Praktica was delivered in December 1989.

The following modifications of the basic types were produced:

Cameras with black finish of the metal components of the cover:

bulletMTL 5 and MTL 5B

Production without self timer:

bulletMTL 5


Hummel-No camera-name
207 Praktica super TL 1000
208 Praktica super TL 500
209 Praktica MTL 5
210 Revueflex TL 25 - 1st variation
211 Praktica super TL 1000 - 1st variation
212 Revue ML
213 Praktica MTL 5 - 1st variation
214 Praktica MTL 5 B
215 Revue ML - 1st variation
216 Revue ML - 2nd variation
217 Praktica MTL 50




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