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Praktica L - 2nd generation
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Praktica LTL 3
Praktica LTL 3
Praktica LTL 3 black
Foticon black
Praktica PLC 2
Praktica PLC 2 black
Praktica L 2
Praktica L 2 half frame
Praktica L 3 ENDO
Praktica ENDO noname
Praktica LB 2
Praktica VLC 2
Praktica VLC 2 half format
Praktica EE2
SR899 - GSK
Sonderobjektiv SO 2.2 B
Praktica DTL 2

Praktica L - second generation

Production period: November 1975 to January 1980

Number of Models: 10, including 3 prototypes 

Number of produced items: 740,152

responsible constructor: Rolf Noack

The number of camera types confine the fast-selling types of the first generation. None fundamental changes can found on these cameras, only some detail changes were introduced in this generation:

bulletneutral label "Praktica" at the small part of the front of the Pentaprism cap with the type designation sideways on the top cover front beside the shutter release
bulletchanged quick-release lever with a black plastic grasp
bulletchromium plated shutter speed knob
bulletimproved matting of the interior design
bulletintroduction of lenses with multi-coating

The important novelty of this generation was the Praktica EE2, introduced at the Photokina 1976 and on the Photo World '77 (Birmingham) as a camera with "fully electronic, full aperture TTL metering SLR" or "camera-computer". These camera was a combination of an stepless electronic time control between 1 sec and 1/1000s and electronic aperture simulation. These camera was used in the space on board of Salut 6 in September 1978 by Bykowsky (USSR) and Jähn (GDR).

The DTL 2 was planned as an alternative to the LTL 2 with true light-emitting diodes (LED). In consequence of the start of the third generation the production of the DTL 2 was stopped after production of 185 pieces.

Three Prototypes for as serial production for the Quelle retail shops (West Germany) were developed but not produced.

The following modifications of the basic types were produced:

Cameras with black finish of the metal components of the cover:
bulletLTL 3, PLC 2, L 2, LB 2, VLC 2 and DTL 2

Production without self timer:
bulletLTL 3 and DTL 2


Hummel-No camera-name
189 Praktica LTL 3
190 Revueflex TL 202 (prototype)
191 Praktica PLC 2
192 Praktica L 2
193 Revueflex S 200 (prototype)
194 Praktica LB 2
195 Revueflex SL 201 (prototype)
196 Praktica VLC 2
197 Praktica EE 2
198 Praktica DTL 2




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