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Praktica B, manual
Praktica B, automatic + manual Praktica B, automatic Praktica B, manual


Praktica BMS
Praktica BMS Pentacon Italia
Revue BC 2
Praktica BM

Praktica B-System, cameras with manual speed shutter control

Production period: March 1989 to December 1990

Number of Models: 3   

Number of produced items: 148,989

responsible constructor: Dietmar Tannert

Nevertheless, beside the automatic shutter speed control are the worldwide dominant technique the friends of the semi-automatic (manual) shutter speed control are a prevalent population in the market. The higher-level of creativity one one hand and the small price on the other hand are two important arguments for these cameras.

These cameras don't had any automatic shutter speed control. The TTL-metering works of course using electronic diaphragm control. Other for B-Praktica's specific attributes could also find on this cameras:

bullettypical display for the shutter speed, over- or under-exposition and flash ready signal
bulletaperture setting reflection into the view-finder
bulletfocussing screen with triple rangefinder wedge, truncated microprism screen and groundglass field
bulletcompact camera design

On this basis arose a camera series for creative work combined with a small price.

Quelle (West Germany) ordered a series of cameras under the name "Revue BC2".


Hummel-No camera-name
232 Praktica BMS
233 Revue BC 2
234 Praktica BM




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