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Praktica B, automatic
Praktica B, automatic + manual Praktica B, automatic Praktica B, manual


Praktica B100 1st
Praktica B100 2nd
Praktica B100M
Praktica B100 1st variation
Praktica B100M
Praktica BC auto
Praktica BCA (Roman)
Praktica BCA (Arabic)
Praktica BCA M
Praktica BCA M Copal
Praktica BCA display camera
Praktica M
Jenaflex AC-1
Praktica BCS
Praktica BCC
Praktica BCC

Praktica B-System, cameras with automatic speed shutter control

Production period: December 1981 to December 1990

Number of Models: 7 

Number of produced items: 521,327

responsible constructor: Werner Hahn, Rolf Noack

Since December 1981 the supply of B-Praktica's was extended by the inexpensive camera Praktica B 100, a camera with automatic speed control between 1sec and 1/1000 sec but without any kind of manual speed control.

The Praktica B 100 implemented the essential constructional attributes of the Praktica B 200, only without LEDs however with TTL-meter needle for indication of the used shutter speed.

During the following years the Praktica B 100 pass only few changes including an adaptation of system-conform flash systems for the BC 1 and following models.


Hummel-No camera-name
225 Praktica B 100
226 Praktica B 100 - 1st variation
227 Praktica BC auto
228 Praktica BCA
229 Jenaflex AC 1
230 Praktica BCS
231 Praktica BCC




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