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Praktica B, automatic + manual
Praktica B, automatic + manual Praktica B, automatic Praktica B, manual


Praktica B 200
Praktica B 200 S
Praktica B 200 silver
Praktica BCX
Praktica B 200 2nd
Praktica B 200 Cattaneo
Praktica B 200 silver
Praktica B 200 Pentacon Italia
Praktica BCX
Praktica BCX black
Praktica BC1
Praktica BC1
Praktica BC1 quarz-electronic
Praktica BC1 PI Arabic
Jenaflex AM-1
Jenaflex AM-1 golden CZ-logo 1st
Jenaflex AM-1 golden CZ-logo 2nd
Praktica BC3
Praktica BC3 without Pentacon badge

Praktica B-System, cameras with automatic and manual speed shutter control

Production period: December 1979 to December 1988

Number of Models: 7 

Number of produced items: 494,391

responsible constructor: Werner Hahn, Rolf Noack

The era of the Practica's who were produced with compact design starts with the Praktica B 200 .

These camera had an automatic speed range between 40s and 1/1000 (stepplessly).
The exposure control was a centre weighted TTL light metering at full aperture by electronic diaphragm value transfer using a Gallium-Arsenide-Phosphide photo-diode. The Film speed range was between 12 and 3200 ASA.

For creative photography a manual setting of shutter speed was possible in a range of 1sec to 1/1000/sec (geometrically). The TTL measurement was also available.

The B 200 was underlay only minimal changes. Some special variants were produced for the English and Dutch market.


Hummel-No camera-name
218 Praktica B 200
219 Praktica B 200 - 1st variation
220 Praktica BCX
221 Praktica BC 1
222 Praktica BC 1 - 1st variation
223 Jenaflex AM 1
224 Praktica BC 3

focussing screen Praktica BCX




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