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Contax/Pentacon models
Contax S models Contax/Pentacon models


Contax D VEB
Contax D VEB cut model
Contax D Ernemann Tower
Pentacon first variant (ZI)
Astraflex '35
Pentacon second variant
Consol ZJ
No Name
Contax E
Contax E
Pentacon E
Contax F
Pentacon F small knobs
Pentacon F
Contax FB
Pentacon FB
Contax FM
Pentacon FM
Pentacon FM large tower
Pentacon FBM

Contax / Pentacon cameras

Production period: March 1952 to March 1962

Number of Models: 16

Number of produced items: 160,703

responsible constructor: Walter Henning

On the basis of the Contax S variant "D-2" the Contax D was developed. After important technical changes the camera was presented on the Leipzig'er spring fair.

The basic model shows an engraved VEB under the Zeiss Ikon logo on the pentaprism front. The export variants don't show this engrave VEB.

Under the pressure of the extensive lawsuit between VEB Zeiss Ikon Dresden and Zeiss Ikon AG Stuttgart the name "Pentacon" derived from Pentaprism Contax was registrated as trade mark during October 1952. The cameras for the home country, GDR (DDR), were signed with Contax, whereas the export cameras shows the engraved Pentacon since 1953.

The Contax D was produced as Pentacon since 1953 and had lost the old Zeiss Ikon-logo at the pentaprism. From 1955 all Pentacon cameras shows the Pentacon symbol, the Ernemann tower, at the surface of the pentaprism front. The letters "ZI" engraved on the basis of the Ernemann tower were an reminiscence on the former trade mark Zeiss Ikon.
From April 1956 a new, neutral Ernamann tower without the "ZI" were engraved on the Pentaprism surfaces.

Since the start of the Contax E series, the first Pentacon with a light metering system, all cameras were produced as Contax for the home country and as Pentacon for the exports.

The Contax F/Pentacon F the auto-diaphragm mechanism were implemented.

The series ended with the production of the Contax F/Pentacon F. Further models show an additional letter behind the F, that is FB for metering system, FM for models with split image range finder and FBM for models with metering system and split image ranger finder.

The production were suspended in March 1962. 

Hummel-No camera-name
092 Contax D
093 Contax D - 1st variation
094 Pentacon
095 Pentacon - 1st variation
096 Pentacon - 2nd variation
097 Contax E
098 Pentacon E
099 Pentacon - 3rd variation
100 Contax F
101 Pentacon F
102 Contax FB
103 Pentacon FB
104 Contax FM
105 Pentacon FM
106 Contax FBM
107 Pentacon FBM




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