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Contax S models
Contax S models Contax/Pentacon models


Contax S variant "C"
Contax S variant "D-2" small knobs
Contax S variant "D-2"
Contax S variant "D-2" black

Contax S cameras

Production period: September 1949 to December 1951

Number of Models: 6 

Number of produced items: 26,287

responsible constructor: Wilhelm Winzenburg, Walter Henning

The development of the Contax S was started in 1938 by Zeiss Ikon AG Dresden and were finished under the leadership of Wilhelm Winzenburg. The pentaprism view finder has the advantage of an upright and right-way-round image on his screen.

The development were finished at the end of 1947. On the Leipzig´er spring fair in 1948 Zeiss Ikon Dresden presents the first prototypes of Contax S. The serial production started in September 1949. Because of multiple problems with the tolerances of the shutter speed settings of 1/25s and 1/250s they were changed to 1/20s and 1/200s. These development leads to the Contax S variant "A".

The necessity of a self timer on the international markets induce the development of the variant "B". These variant had the opportunity of installation of a self timer but the cameras were delivered without the self timer. The resulting hole in the camera body were closed by a small chrome patch.

Variant "C" of the Contax S was delivered with a built-in self timer.

With the Variant "D" the user had the opportunity to select between models with or without self timer. The flash contact were relocated from the tripod socket to the top cover of the camera. The variants "A", "B" and "C" were only internal names, whereas the variant "D" was official and engraved on the front of the pentaprism.

For collectors it is important that during the repair the cameras were modified.
Some models were produced which has a shortest shutter speed of 1/500s.
Some cameras has a brown leatherette  and a beige varnish.

No official export variants.

Hummel-No camera-name
086 Contax S
087 Contax S - variant "A"
088 Contax S - variant "B"
089 Contax S - variant "C"
090 Contax S - variant "D-1"
091 Contax S - variant "D-2"




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