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Praktica BD 32 LCD
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Praktica BD 32 LCD

Producer data
producer SAMYANG
(South Korea)
price 40 $
technical data
flash type computer flash system, dedicated to Praktica BC and BX cameras production period unknown
flash guide number 32 (100 ASA) at 35mm head setting
42 (100 ASA) at 85mm head setting

aperture settings from f1.4 to f16

charging time depends on capacitor charge level:
auto 0.5 - 10seconds
manual 8-12 seconds
available shots unknown TTL-flash-system yes, control contacts in the hot shoe, Auto thyristor: full manual: 4 ratio settings 1/2: 1/4: 1/8: 1/16

sensor angle: approx. 20°

illumination time Auto 1/1000 to 1/30000
Manual 1/1000 (full) to 1/125000 (1/16th)
color temperature unknown

4 colour filters (white, red, blue, green)

batteries 4 x LR44 (AA) alkaline batteries size/weight 175x79x52mm
380g less batteries
ready signal generation LCD-display system on flash box, flash ready signal contact for the hot shoe reflector swivel-mounted 0 to 90°

swivel head 350° total

adaptable to focal length of 28, 35, 50 and 85mm



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