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Praktiflex 1st Generation
Praktiflex 1st Generation Praktiflex 2nd Generation


Praktiflex -1st generation-3rd model
Praktiflex -1st generation-3rd model
Praktiflex -1st generation-3rd model
Praktiflex -1st generation-3rd model
Praktiflex -1st generation-4th model
Praktiflex -1st generation-5th model
Praktiflex -1st generation-5th model
Praktiflex -1st gen-5th model-blue
Praktiflex -1st gen-5th model-darkbrown
Praktiflex -1st gen-5th model-brown
Praktiflex -1st gen-5th model-red
Praktiflex -1st gen-6th model-grey-brown
Praktiflex -1st gen-6th model-darkgreen
Praktiflex -1st gen-6th model-grey-black
Praktiflex -1st gen-6th model-grey-black hot shoe
Praktiflex -1st gen-6th model-darkgreen (2)
Praktiflex -1st gen-8th
Praktiflex -1st gen-8th model-military
Praktiflex -1st gen-9th model
Praktiflex -1st gen-10th model-black
Praktiflex -1st gen-11th model
Praktiflex -1st gen-12th model
Praktiflex -1st gen-12th model black type label

Praktiflex Single-lens reflex cameras

Production period: March 1939 to September 1949

Number of Models: 7, including 1 prototype

Number of produced items: 33,900

responsible constructor: Alois Hoheisel, Siegfried Böhm (from 7/1946)

Praktiflex was the first small-format single lens reflex camera which using kine-film (35mm) and an instant return mirror (Hummel 1994). The price was only 120.-RM which was acceptable for a amateur camera.

The models from the 1st generation demonstrate these technical properties:

bulletshutter release knob on the top of the camera
bulletlens mount M 40x1
bulletinitially the camera name was engraved using gothic letters, later using graceful letters
bulletit were produced some types with special coloured leatherette (red, blue, gray,...)
Hummel-No camera-name
072 Praktiflex
073 Praktiflex - 1st variation
074 Praktiflex - 2nd variation
075 Praktiflex - 3rd variation
076 Praktiflex - 4th variation
077 Praktiflex II (prototype)
078 Praktiflex - 5th variation



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