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Praktica Batteries
Praktica etc. SLR Lenses Equipment non SLR Praktica Batteries


Here you can found some information's about the Praktica batteries.
type picture properties / availability
V 625 PX 1.35 V

mercury oxide-battery

production stopped

bulletZ625PX (1.4V, zinx-air battery)
bulletV 625 U (1.5 V, alkaline battery)

both works without any alteration of the measurement results of the light meter

V 625 PC adapter  
V PX 21 4.5 V

mercury oxide battery

production stopped


use standard battery CR 123 A 3,0 V with a special adapter which you can get through PRAKTICA (www.praktica.de, Pentacon GmbH, Praktica-Service, Foto- und Feinwerktechnik, Enderstr. 94, 01277 Dresden, Tel.: 0351/2589230)


product number 960-0357
4.5V (Alkaline) Photo Battery ($6.99)


replace the PX21 by 3xLR50-battery wrapping with shrinkdown plastic tubing

V 28 PX


6.2 V

silver battery

production stopped

4LR44 Alkaline (mangan) battery


product number 960-1190
6V (Silver Oxide) Photo  Battery ($11.99)




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