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Praktiflex-2nd gen-15th model-display item
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Praktiflex, 2nd generation-15th model - display item
Producer data
Producer Mechanik Kamerawerkstätten VEB Niedersedlitz responsible constructor Siegfried Böhm
production period September 1947 to September 1949 no of produced cameras 10,775
Technical properties of the camera
shutter type mechanically controlled horizontal-run rubberised cloth-blind type shutter exposure time
(possible settings)
B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200, 1/500
view finder fixed waist-level view finder with condenser type ground-glass focusing screen (´Stevens Screen´) mirror non instant-return mirror
film transport / frame counter knob film advance, manual frame counter in advance bottom lens mount M40x1 !!
self timer none battery none
metering system none flash system none
flash indication none aperture reflection into view finder none
general comments
bulletmirrorfinish chromium plated model
bulletbrown leatherette
bulletdisplay item model (Heinz Schrauf)
bulletchanged name engraving using block letters
bulletlarge film advance knob (diameter ~25mm) with frame counter on top of this bottom
bulletrewind knob (diameter ~16mm)
bulletchanged time setting knob
bulletnew type rewind knob on top cover
bullet poured black carrying strap lugs
collection data
Hummel-No 079 (Schulz-version:15) Kadlubek-No. KWE 2020
body no. 049939 lens no. 2659868
lens type Biotar 1:2 f=5,8 cm Carl Zeiss Jena purchase price 1278€
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